OPINION: Banjul took their begging bowl to Barrow

I derive no pleasure in writing this as Banjul is very close to me but is about time for the islanders to be told some home truths. I read with disgust that some transactional political dinosaurs t

Serigne Touba's grandson to visit Gambia in April

One of Serigne Touba's most prominent grandsons, Serigne Abdou Karim Mbacke is to visit The Gambia from the 4th -7th April. "It will be his first visit to The Gambia and the second time travelling

Who is Ndigal? A chat with one of his followers

Yunusa Ceesay is one of the most prominent followers of Ndigal. In this exclusive interview, we dig to find more about Ndigal, his special powers, misconceptions about him and his sect among other t

Aisha Fatty enjoys holiday in Sweden after public fight with love rival

Aisha Fatty is enjoying a winter holiday in Sweden after her famous public fight with a love rival at the Village in the Senegambia. The Gambian- Egyptian beauty, who is dating the country's wealth

EU and US stolen Range Rovers on Gambia's roads

The Gambia is now a dumping ground for stolen Range Rovers from Europe and the United States, according to reliable information reaching What's On-Gambia. Despite costing from between D3m -D5m to b

All set for the 3rd edition of Lovers Night at Brikama Jokor

To be held in a grant style, Sky World Promotion, an entertainment organization based in Brikama, is bringing you the 3rd edition of Lovers Night on Saturday, February 15, at Brikama Jokor to celebr

nancy slideWhen she stormed the music scene in the early 2000, Nancy Nanz quickly became the nation’s sweetheart. She won a legion of fans, especially among young girls.

The Xalel singer was young when she first appeared in front of the television cameras. She was a national treasure, but with the emergency of new female singers like Cess Ngom, Nancy Mboob and Diha, she is now fighting hard to remain in the spotlight.

Nancy Nanz

Despite her recent successful school tour, Nancy’s debut DVD, The Best of Nancy Nanz is not doing all well in the market. It has flopped spectacularly and since then little is heard from her.

A cashier at one of the Elton Petrol Station said: “No one is buying the DVD. They are just gathering dust.”