Written by Alieu Khan

Mary NdiayeThe Swedish Melody Festival is the most popular program on Swedish TV. One of this year’s participants is Mary Ndiaye, an upcoming music star with a Gambian mum and a Senegalese dad.

Mary started singing at a very young age. She attended one of Sweden’s most prestigious Song Writers Schools.

The Senegambian singer has worked with Akon and few other popular artists in Africa, Europe and America. She once took part in The Voice, a vocal competition on Sweden’s TV4.

Mary Ndiaye 1

The Melody Festival is a music competition organized by Sweden’s national public broadcaster, SVT to allow the Swedish population to determine, through voting, the country’s representative for the Eurovision Song Contest.

If Mary succeeds in winning the competition, she will become the second Swedish with African origin to represent Sweden at Europe’s biggest music challenge. Good luck, Mary!