Written by Alieu Khan

bro kHave you ever heard of a song and wanted to immediately have it on your mobile phone or iPod. Well, that’s what it’s like when you listen to Bro K’s hit single, Balafringo.

The afro-manding singer is becoming one of the country’s most sought-after artists. Despite not having an album in the market and a promo video on YouTube, Bro K has already established himself as one of the biggest names in the Gambian music scene.

What’s On-Gambia met up with him at the Jakaranda Restaurant for a chat. When he entered the restaurant, our reporter couldn’t recognize him. The upcoming star covered his face with a scarf in a bid to avoid being mobbed by some of his frenzied fans.

Bro K was born on the 10 March, 1988 in Serre Kunda and moved to Badibou Saaba and then back to Serre Kunda.

Bro K 1

Singing career

The singer first entered studio in 2010 and in 2011 he was invited to take part in Open Mic organized by Black Lynx, an organization that aims at promoting sprouting Gambian musicians.

“I’m now signed by Shy Boy Entertainment. It’s a 3-year deal and now I’ve one more year to go. I might possibly continue working with them. The owner of Shy Boy, Hansin is a good producer and an honest guy to work with,” revealed Bro K.

Balafringo single

His single, Balafringo is one of the most listened to tracks in 2012. He released it in 2010 but it wasn’t until 2012 when Gambians really started digging it.

Balafringo gets people of different ages popping and also gets fans erupting into screams whenever Bro K is on stage. Did you watch The Open Mic Festival 2012? Total madness!

“The single is out to educate our sisters on the dangers of skin bleaching. It’s not good for one’s health and it’s ungodly. Both Islam and Christianity is against skin bleaching,” he said

When asked if he has female fans, the afro- manding singer responded: “They’re my biggest fans. I was just being honest. I love them and they love me.”

Plans for 2013

This year, is surely going to be a busy year for Bro K. He’s currently fine-tuning his debut album and also working on a mix tape that he intends to launch in April at the Alliance Franco.

“2013 is success by force! The Balafringo video is also coming out soon.”

What’s On-Gambia went round to talk to some of his fans;

Fatou Drammeh: “I’ve never seen him but I over like his song, balafringo. He should come to Brikama so that we can also see him.”

Ebrima Jarju: “That boy is unique and his music is hot. Bro K is the most authentic artist in the country. He reminds me of Landing Kintehba.”

Ndey Njie: “I love Bro K!”