Written by Eddy Jatta

NancyShe is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in the Gambian entertainment business. Recently, Nancy Nanz surprisingly posted a picture, on Facebook, showing her flawless skin and natural beauty -without any make up!

She wrote: “Clean face No makeup.”

The picture received more than 50 likes and complimentary comments like;

Henda Ceesay: You always beautiful.

Bube Darboe: Natural beauty, you look real, without artificial look.

The popular musician is one of the country’s most classy and stylist celebrities. “Nancy is a stunner and that’s why she has a huge fan of young girls. They want to be like her,” said a fan. 

Nancy is married to a Gambian residing in Germany – and together they have a son, who is currently living in The Gambia.

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