Written by B.Jeng

JalexFour years ago, the hottest ticket in town was Jalex on stage.  He was the most popular musician among girls like Gee is currently.

The afro-manding singer is now fighting hard to remain in the spotlight. Interesting!  It’s certainly a cautionary tale of how fast a star can fall in our tiny country. Where are the Born Africans? Mass Lowe? Sambou Susso? Maslaa Bi? … and the list goes on!

Singing with mbalax star, Titi and hiring top Senegalese dancers clearly hasn’t helped Jalex. Some of his latest singles are hardly played on radio.

“Jalex is dead! He spoilt his music by attempting to crack into the Senegalese market,” said Lamin D, an upcoming promoter in Brikama.

Considering the limited number of performances he made since the emergence of 2013, the Bakau-born singer is embarrassingly trailing behind newcomers like his own little brother Manding Morry.

Adding salt to injury, Jalex is reportedly is in a stormy marriage. “Isn’t he single now? quizzed a fan.

According to our source the wife is currently in the country to try and repair the damaged marriage.

Photo credit: Facebook/Jalex

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