Written by Alieu Khan

MedouneThe young people of The Gambia are really taking over. Oh yes! Some are singing to entertain Gambians from Kartong to Koina. Others are busy making films.

Yet others, however, did something completely different. Medoune Gaye is one of the country’s most famous clothing designers. For the last two years, his works have been worn by popular musicians like Manding Morry, Mighty Joe, Vypa and MLK.

“I loved fashion since my childhood.  Many people knew me due to my fashion statement and general style so they influenced me to be a designer as they saw my talent,” said Medoune.

Born in 1988, Medoune attended Wesley Primary School, JC Faye and then sat to his final Senior Secondary exams at Muslim Senior Secondary School in Banjul.  In 2008, he decided to travel to neighboring Senegal to try his luck in the Senegalese fashion industry.

“I attended the School of International Fashion Designing in Dakar and this offered me the opportunity to meet top Senegalese designers and also take part in popular fashion shows.”

Shortly after returning home, the Banjul-born designer started Star Fit.

“Star Fit is located in Latri Kunda Sabiji. I have three Gambian trainees.  I’m not only into designing but also creating a source of employment for young Gambians.”

Medoune 3The emergence of Star Fit has made Medoune one of the top contenders in the Gambian fashion industry. He has been featured in television programs like Banjul Nightlife and also took part in some of the country’s leading fashion shows. What sets his designs apart from other designers is their imaginative quality.

“Designing to me is about imagination and innovation. I always try to be original,” said medoune when we met him at his workshop.

The proud owner of Star Fit can be reach on +220- 7089508 or search Star Fit on Facebook to see some of his amazing works. Medoune is truly redefining Gambian fashion!Medoune 4