Written by Eddy Jatta

MusticMustapha Loum popularly known as Mustik is Gambia’s youngest rapper. He is currently making waves in the Greater Banjul area.

The upcoming rap star is talented with hot lyrics and rare flow – thanks to the support he is receiving from Poetic X rap group. According to him, he was inspired by popular American rappers.

Mustic has a single, the support of his town, Old Jeshwang, wisdom way beyond his years and a rap career that looks promising.  He disclosed to What’s On-Gambia that his parents are worried that his involvement in music can affect his performance in school.

“I’m attending the Living Children’s Academy. School is number one and music is something I do when I’m free,” he added.

According to him his next plan is to release a video for his debut single and to enter studio to record a new single for his mum.