Written by B.Jeng

Nancy 1With more than three hit singles under her belt and successful performances in countries like the USA and Germany, Nancy has accomplished more in her 26-years than a lot of young women can boast.  The singer is still poised to move on and now she is also exploring the movie industry.

In an interview with What’s On-Gambia, Nancy maintained that she is a decent role model for her many fans –mainly young girls. Below we bring you our interview with her;

What’s On-Gambia: What inspired you to become a singer?


Nancy: I love music and I was inspired by Beyonce Knowles.

What was your first single and why that single?

My first single was Baby Boy, a remix version of Beyonce’s own Baby Boy.

To some you are the girl with a beautiful face and stylish way of dressing but your vocal ability is still lacking – what is your response to that?

I am a girl who sings with her natural voice, I don’t add any artificial effects on it and I think am perfect with the way I sing.  All I need is to work harder and take my music to bigger markets around the world.

Are you keeping an eye on some of the talented female singers that are now surfacing in the country?

No, I am not at all that worried about the new comers in the music field. I entered music at an early age and that’s why people think am older that some of them.  Lot of them are older than me, is just that they came late to the scene. I wish them all GOODLUCK.

How is it like combining singing with your role as a wife and mother?

It’s simple and I perform all of them well!

You are now into acting - what motivated you?

Acting has always been something that I enjoy doing. I studied Arts in high school, and if you look at most of my music videos I created scenes where I act example Sina Muso, Gimme Your Love etc.

You have never appeared on Banjul Nightlife on GRTS- are you on good terms with the presenter?

I guess am not ready for certain interviews for the moment because if its promotion I have enough of it. My clips are played almost every day on bigger TV Stations and fans are always watching my stuff on the internet.

I’m currently working on my fourth album.

Who are your favorite Gambian artists?

Nova, Sambu Suso, and the late King Ras, because my mum likes him so much.  May his soul rest in perfect peace.

What do you think of the Gambian music industry?

Full of noise and no money!!

Finally, who is your biggest fan in your family?

My biggest fan is my son.  He can listen to my song over and over and over without getting enough.  Then my cousin, Merica Daba, she lives in Senegal but comes to Gambia every month.

Thank you to my fans, telling them that ''JAMBARR DAWUT DAFFA OUTTI DOLE''