Written by B.Jeng

fatimar slideAfter establishing herself as an event organizer, activist and businesswoman in The Gambia, Fatima Jabbe is now poised to become Nollywood’s most successful actress and female producer.

The former wife to Gambian international footballer, Seyfo Soley, has reinvented herself in the past years as a film producer and actress – thanks to the support of her Nigerian hubby.

A source says: “Fatima is more Nigerian than Gambian now.”

According to media reports, she is the lead actress and producer of the newly acclaimed film, Battered. She is currently touring different West African countries to campaign against domestic violence on women in Africa.Fatima Jabbe

In a blog post, the Gambian star expressed her heartfelt desire in helping to stop domestic violence – a topic that no one wants to talk about.  She says: “My intention is to be able to go to Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia and the Gambia. I have been blessed to have so much love and support from my people in the Gambia especially my president H.E. Yahya Jammeh who believes women have the right to be happy and live happily, whilst given the right to contribute towards the development of the Nation, I am hoping I can get the same amount of support from other countries affected by this act of violence.”

Fatou went further to say that she wrote battered as a campaign tool. According to her it’s time to stop all sorts of violence against women in Africa.

The film also features the young Gambian actress, Marie Gomez.

In case you don’t know Fatima Jabbe, she is the proprietress of Fabecs Promotion, a company that was known for organizing some of the country’s most successful beauty pageants. According to the grapevines, she also dated former Gambian millionaire Tin Tin.