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Marriages are tough. Some of us have been there and that’s why we understand when celebrity marriages go kaput. 

In this edition of What’s On-Gambia we want to take a look back at some of the breakups that set the tongues wagging. Breakups that made everyone say, “yes! We knew it!”


Jali Madi and Fayer

Jali Madi and Fayer1

Since last year, we’ve been asking if they are still together.  The afro-manding singer married Fayer before she travelled to the USA to further her education.

They are both refusing to speak out about their rumored divorce. According to a close friend to Jali Madi, the marriage collapsed after Jali’s inability to join Fayer in the US. 

The former couple seemed to have gone back and forth in their marriage, before they both gathered the courage to finally end it. Fayer, who works as a model, seems to have certainly moved on. 

Tijan Jaiteh and Aisha Fatty

Tijan and Aisha1

Tijan was one of the most popular footballers in the country.  Do you remember when Tijan and his team took The Gambia to U-17 World Cup in Peru?  They were the dream boys for all Gambian girls.

One girl that captured his attention was Aisha Fatty from the popular Fatty clan.  The two who were ”madly in love” wasted no time to tie the knot.  It was a short-lived marriage that raised many eyebrows.

Tijan is no longer popular as he used to be. According to our source he was reluctant to divorce Aisha.  The girl is stunning and has all that it takes to even snatch Balla Gaye II from Zainab Maroun. Please Tijan don’t start crying!


More celebrity breakups soon!