Written by Eddy Jatta


Professional footballer, Toubabou Jarju and banker, Sarjo Danjoe (Mam) abruptly ended their engagement, and the reasons behind the split continue to produce gossip. 

The former Walidan star is angry with his ex-fiancée after learning that someone contacted What’s On- Gambia to reveal secrets about their relationship. 

“He thinks Mam orchestrated a plot to defame him,” disclosed a reliable source close to the footballer’s family. 

To set the record straight, on the 23rd June, 2013, we received an email (via Facebook) from an anonymous person.  The writer alleged that Toubabou ditched Mam for a Belgian girl. He/she revealed that the footballer is now married to the girl and they have a child. 

Whenever What’s On-Gambia receive such types of tips from unconfirmed sources, we investigate to establish if it’s true or if it’s an attempt to dirty someone’s image. 

Our reporter tried to reach Toubabou, but to no avail. Luckily, someone very close to the Belgian-based footballer wrote to us on Facebook.  She confirmed that Toubabou and Mam were engaged. 

She added: “There are many girls wanting to date him but he’s not that type. He’s very reserved and not involved, so much, into affairs with girls. He’s been with his Belgian lady for ages now and they are blessed with a child.” 

She also disclosed to us that the footballer was recently in the country on holiday, with his family. 

Upon hearing that we are planning to publish a story about her failed engagement with Toubabou, Mam wrote to us: “Am not his ex - fiancée for Allah's sake, am his cousin. Please put the record straight. “ 

What’s On-Gambia wants to make it very clear that we had no prior contact with Mam. The person, who first wrote to us, used a Facebook account that is no longer active. 

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience that our investigation might have created for both Toubabou and Mam. Our intention was not to defame or insult the footballer.  We strongly respect Toubabaou for representing our country in different football tournaments. 

Chapter closed!