ST scores with new video

StST is one of the many Gambian rappers, who are determined to reach the top spot. Recently, he released a new video Njunku and this video has unquestionably catapulted him into the spotlight and made him one of the artists to watch in 2013.


Njunku is currently generating serious buzz in the streets. It was named as the hottest video on the Facebook page of GMP Music Awards and below we bring you some of the comments;

Gai Njorro: Yea Gambia got brains lyrics is good…

Sista K Janneh: This music blow me away very nice me love it.

Banga Lee: Well cook and decorated video so far....and lyrics so hard and the kids making me smile ...alot!

Psk Jawara: Oh!! that’s good, keep it up that could go a long way you know.

But the popular rapper, Gee wasn’t very impressed. He wrote; ‘my only problem is 'sarga yee' .. need a clean version for TV though.’

Alasan Gent Ceesay, a Gambian living in the UK was on the same page with him. This was what he thought about the video:

‘The song is good, the lyrics so spot on with so much enthusiasm. An amazing talent you are ST. However, if only you can remix and omit the many "F" and "N" words to suit the young TV audience and also fans who might be offended with the vulgar. My humble advice to a brother. Other than that good effort.’

In an interview with our reporter, ST said he has not much to say about some of the criticism the video received. He continued: “I’m not going to be what people want me to be. This is me and this is my music. I’m just flowing with my state of mind and that’s hip hop.”

Here is the video!

©Photo: facebook/_st (SE)


Written by Alieu Khan