‘Mysterious screaming baby’ prevents Barrow from moving to State House?

‘Mysterious screaming baby’ prevents Barrow from moving to State House?

President Adama Barrow may not be moving into the State House any time soon, according to rumours reaching What’s On-Gambia.

During his maiden press conference, Barrow announced that he would relocate from Kairaba Beach Hotel to the State House once the ECOMIG soldiers declare the presidential residence safe for occupancy.

However, it appears the President would have to endure a long wait.

Rumours gathered by What’s On-Gambia revealed that soldiers are trying to locate a mysterious baby that has been screaming since former President Yahya Jammeh left the residence for Equatorial Guinea.

“They have searched everywhere, but can’t still find the baby?” said a source who claims to be close to State House officials.

“I heard Interior Minister, Mai Fatty and the IGP were there but when they heard the screaming baby, they left immediately and never returned.”

President Barrow is the first Gambian leader to avoid the State House.  No First Family has ever lived outside Banjul.



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