Why Barrow’s ministers may never declare their assets

Why Barrow’s ministers may never declare their assets

One of the promises Adama Barrow made shortly after his election victory is to have his ministers to declare all their assets.

But it seems this may not likely happen if what we are hearing through the grapevine is anything to go by.

The ministers have not yet agreed to declare their assets publicly. Although they are not required by law to do so, many felt it could help to prevent corruption and promote transparency in the coalition government.

“Some of the ministers are not comfortable with revealing to Gambians their assets and I will be very surprised to see it happen,” said a source who begged for anonymity.

During his maiden press conference at the Kairaba Beach Hotel, President Adama Barrow promised Gambians that all ministers in his cabinet would declare their assets.

When and how? The president didn’t explain.



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