Is this university student ‘too fat’ for Face of UTG?

Is this university student ‘too fat’ for Face of UTG?

Was Mam Cordu Dabo robbed of the Face of UTG title because of her body size? This was the question in the audience at the Law Faculty Building along the MDI Road, where the pageant was recently held.

One of her male admirers, in a chat with What’s On-Gambia, hit out at the judges for being unclear about requirements needed to win the crown.

 “Everyone present at the event will bear witness with me that Mam Cordu won, of course apart from the panel of judges who we should all question. Is it because of her size? Or didn't they hear her talk about celebrating beauty in all forms and sizes?”

He added: “I believe it is about time we have a plus sized beauty queen. Fanta Ceesay and Danny Constant should be questioned. Cordu is exceptional, very smart and intelligent -plus multi-talented.”

According to the admirer, Jane Gomez should not have won the crown.

“Jane did not even have a talent. She just narrated her life story and the judges felt sorry for her. The students of UTG say Mam Cordu is their true Queen and they have decided! The girl is perfect.”

The Face of UTG is one of the most famous annual social events organised by the students of the university. 



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