Fonianka horse finds temporary home after master’s horrific death

Fonianka horse finds temporary home after master’s horrific death

A British-Gambian charity based in The Gambia is giving a loving home to a horse that miraculously survived a landmine explosion that killed his master.

The explosion, which happened in Foni last month, attracted a lot of media attention. There were even suggestions that the government should launch an investigation into how it happened.

The horse, now named Wassadu Jatto, is now being cared for by the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust (GHDT) at their Makasutu Centre in Kembujeh, Kombo Central.

GHDT’s director told What’s On-Gambia: “We have not adopted him as such. We received a call late one night to see if we could help a badly injured horse. Our team went out and brought him to our centre for hospitalisation. He is doing well.”

She added: “He still belongs to the family of the poor man who was killed and he may return there when he is well enough.”

According to her, they are looking at possibilities of buying Wassadu Jatto from the late master’s widow.

“I have been told that the widow may not be in a position to manage the horse now . If that is the case, we would of course offer to purchase the horse from her. We are not sure as yet how much hard work he would be able to do and he will need months of physiotherapy.”

GHDT is one of the most famous charities in the country involved in protecting the welfare of animals.



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