Is Haddy Faye lying about her Syrian fiancé’s age?

Is Haddy Faye lying about her Syrian fiancé’s age?

Is Haddy Faye’s Syrian-born fiancé, Rafaat Al-Ahmar really 39 years old?

This is the question lingering on the lips of many. When the famous socialite and businesswoman took to social media to celebrate Rafaat’s 39th birthday, little did she know that it will cause a buzz.

She wrote on Facebook: “I love that I can be my goody self around you, I love that there are almost a decade of memories, yet it feels like decades of memories. You are amazing in every way, in your own unique way. On this very special day I pray for you, I pray that you achieve everything your heart desires.

“HAPPY 39th, BABE !!!!”

But there are claims that Haddy’s fiancé, who is one of the ‘big men’ at Africell, is not as young as she wants the world to believe.

A source said: “No way! Rafaat can’t be under 40. In fact, why does Haddy always feel the need to tell us about his age? Anyone with the half-witted intelligence of a humming bird, will know that she is lying.”

The famous couple started dating ten years ago after they were introduced by Ghana-based Gambian Nollywood actress, Princess Shyngle. 



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