Manding Morry changes status ‘single’ on Facebook

Manding Morry changes status ‘single’ on Facebook

Has Manding Morry dumped his Gambian-French wife?

This is the question on some lips after the afro-manding star changed his relationship on Facebook to ‘single’ suggesting that he is ready to mingle again.

Manding got married a few years ago and moved to France to start a new life with his wife, who is said to be a fan of his music. He recently became a father.

“He’s not single. Manding is still married and living with his wife. I think a few days ago I saw the wife shared his newest song on her Instagram,” said a source who claimed to be close to the Bakau-born singer.

Manding Morry was recently in Sweden, where he performed at a Gambian cultural weekend held in the Swedish city of Falun.



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