How Jali Madi was identified for a major Belgian festival

How Jali Madi was identified for a major Belgian festival

He’s arguably the first Gambian musician in the recent history of the country’s music industry to perform at a major Belgian summer festival.

Jali Madi was one of the main headline acts at the recently held Hestival, which attracts more than 10,000 music enthusiasts every year.

Speaking to What’s On-Gambia, the festival’s press officer, Gino Vaes said the Jarabi hit maker was identified for the Hestival by one of Belgium’s most famous entertainers, Bart Peeters.

“Bart is famous here. Apart from singing, he's also a host for some well-known television shows. Last summer, he was enjoying a vacation in The Gambia where he stumbled upon a show of Jali Madi, so we've heard. Together with Bert Embrechts, who is the music-programmer for our festival, they were so enthusiastic that they wanted to bring him over to Belgium to perform a couple of shows here! This is how Hestival came in the picture.”

According to Gino, nearly 5000 people came to watch Jali Madi’s debut performance.

“We enjoyed the African vibe Jali Madi brought to our festival. The combination with Jali Madi and Bart Peeters was a hit!”



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