Trust Bank named worst bank for customer satisfaction

Trust Bank named worst bank for customer satisfaction

Trust Bank has been named the worst bank for customer satisfaction by its own customers, some of them non-Gambians who regularly visit the country.

They were responding to a question by What’s On-Gambia in which Facebook users were asked to name the bank with the worst customer service in The Gambia.

One Aji Khan wrote: “The people that work there have no general knowledge of basic customer service. They will be serving you while on the phone or texting on WhatsApp. There was an instance where I went to take out a lump sum of cash; this lady wasn't even paying attention. I had to repeat and double check everything myself before I left. My honest opinion being they can be the leading bank BUT they need to stop using mobile phones while on shift and taught basic customer services.”

“They lie and steal your money,” said Vigdis Klette.

“16 cashier cages and only 3 will be working. The others will be going in and out,” said another customer.

Majority of Trust Bank’s customers that commented on What’s On-Gambia’s Facebook page criticised the bank saying they treat them with disrespect. One of them said: “The employees are so pompous and unreasonably friendly.”

Trust Bank was founded in 1997, three years after the military coup that brought former president Jammeh to power.  The bank has over 1,000 shareholders with the largest shareholder being Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation.

Disclaimer: Whatever is stated above here is not the opinion or the position of What’s On-Gambia, but the views of people alleging to be Trust Bank customers. 



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