Why is everyone trying to befriend VP Tambajang’s youngest daughter?

Why is everyone trying to befriend VP Tambajang’s youngest daughter?

She’s the youngest member of the Tambajang family and was living in the USA before her mother’s controversial appointment.

Nafisatou, who nicknamed herself as Miss Trigga, seems to be the new darling of Gambian celebrities since her mother was named The Gambia’s new Vice President.

One of her new celebrity friends is women’s rights activist and renowned anti-FGM campaigner, Jaha Dukureh, who has already started benefitting from her closeness to Nafisatou. The Veep was in attendance when she was donating medical supplies to the Ministry of Health a few months ago.

It‘s not surprising to many that event organiser, Haddy Faye is also on her list of celebrity friends. Black Barbie, as she refers to herself, is currently busy working on Youssou Ndour’s debut concert in the New Gambia.

Nafisatou recently celebrated her birthday. And one of the first people to shower her with warm birthday wishes was Haddy Faye.  She took to Facebook writing: “Screaming happy birthday to my cookie, my little sis from another mother.”

She continued:  “Dream big, work hard, stay focus and most importantly surround yourself with good people. I’m super proud of the woman you’ve become.”

Another famous celebrity who managed to strike an alliance with Madam Tambajang’s daughter is Harona Drammeh. He recently offered her a part-time job at his radio, Paradise FM to co-host the famous morning show, Kinkiliba.

One would be tempted to ask, what is it with all the obsession of maintaining a friendship with Nafisatou?

According to a political commentator: “I am sure they want to use the young woman to get closer to the VP to be able to win favours from the government. But let’s see how long the friendship will last because they don’t have a lot in common with her.”



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