Senior civil servants enriching themselves with fuel coupons

Senior civil servants enriching themselves with fuel coupons

Reports reaching What's On-Gambia have it that quite a number of senior civil servants are making hundreds of thousands of Dalasi from fuel coupons.

This act at the expense of the taxpayer's money is mainly done by some unscrupulous people working for the government in top positions.

According to a source, fuel coupons which take a good chunk from the state’s coffers are usually given to government departments for their senior staff either weekly or monthly depending on the department’s activities.

Our source disclosed that some of them sell the coupons to make extra money.

A What’s On-Gambia investigation revealed that the minimum fuel coupon given to senior civil servants is usually D10, 000 per month. Some in government projects reap up to D50, 000 or more in fuel coupons per month.

There are calls for the government to focus attention on fuel coupons and examine how it is encouraging corruption in the civil service.



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