This is what a British woman thinks of APRC’s Buffer Zone rally

This is what a British woman thinks of APRC’s Buffer Zone rally

She was one of the many thousands who recently thronged the Buffer Zone for the APRC party’s first major rally since the departure of former President Yahya Jammeh.

In a Facebook post, Ingrid Chorr expressed her delight in attending the historical event that drew more than 100,000 party supporters across the country.

The British woman, who seems to be very familiar with Gambian politics, said: “It is amazing to think that this crowd could have been bigger still. Soldiers were threatened with their jobs should they or their wives attend and scores of people were turned away at Barra. This time, with crowds possibly exceeding any witnessed in the past, nobody can make spurious accusations that soldiers, police or children were made to attend to boost numbers.”

She continued: “To accomplish this feat must not be underestimated. We must remember that the APRC had its accounts frozen, vehicles seized and offices closed. If this could be achieved under these circumstances, imagine what the APRC will now achieve when back in office.”

According to her, the APRC, which was formed in 1996, is “truly a party of the people, for the people.”

Ingrid added that the former ruling party supporters should be very proud of their interim leader, Fabakary Tombong Jatta and his executive for their extraordinary execution of the rally. 



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