Young Gambian judo wrestlers win six medals in Senegal

Young Gambian judo wrestlers win six medals in Senegal

A group of young Gambian judo wrestlers has won six medals in an international competition held recently in Senegal.

A small team, but all of them reached the podium.

The Technical Director of the Gambia Judo Association, Paziaud Luc said one of the boys, Koga Paziaud, who is currently training to qualify for the Buenos Aires 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games, bagged a gold medal after reaping his opponent’s leg.

He told What’s On-Gambia: “It was a very important competition to assess my wrestlers’ level before asking the Gambia National Olympic Committee to fund their participation in bigger competitions outside Africa.”

The youngest member of the Gambian team, Amie Colley Jabang, who is six years old, also won a medal against four male opponents.

According to Paziaud, judo is probably one of the only sports were The Gambia is doing extremely well.

The country’s participation in the competition was made possible with the help of the Gambia Milling Company (GMC). They funded the team’s trip to and from Senegal.



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