Does Neneh Cham Gaye need psychological help?

Does Neneh Cham Gaye need psychological help?

In the wake of Neneh Cham Gaye’s latest antics, questions over her mental health have been raised by many Gambians on social media.

“I am really concerned about her well-being,” said one of her Facebook followers.

For weeks, there have been almost daily happenings with the famous Stockholm-based Facebooker, who once served time in jail.

According to some of Neneh’s critics, she is mentally ill and needs psychological help as soon as possible.

In a live Facebook video, one Aji Rohey Sulayman Jack disclosed Neneh is abandoned by his own relatives and friends because of her bizarre and troubling behaviour.

Commenting on Aji Rohey’s video, Mariama Manneh, who lives in England, wrote: “That woman got mental health problem, I swear.”

Another Facebook user, Youssef Bojang said the Stockholm-based Facebooker is very evil and jealous. He described her as the “waste of Banjul”.



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