You vs. Wally: Who’s the REAL king in Gambia?

You vs. Wally: Who’s the REAL king in Gambia?

Youssou Ndour is making his debut appearance in the New Gambia next weekend. He is expected to perform at the Coco Ocean Resort and the Independence Stadium with his Super Etoile Band.

And the question on many lips is whether the Senegalese Grammy winner can pull crowds bigger than Wally Seck’s Christmas concerts which were attended by hundreds of Gambian mbalax enthusiasts.

There has been a lot of tension between the two over the past few months, with many claiming Youssou’s recent song, Bul Nangu is a thinly disguised attack on the Faramareen hitmaker.

“Youssou may be the king of mbalax, but Wally has achieved so much in less than four years,” said a Gambian mbalax fan.

According to her, Wally is more popular among young Gambians



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