Who are the people on government’s most wanted list?

Written by Eddy Jatta

The Gambia government has compiled a list of the country’s most wanted fugitives; they include AWOL soldiers, former senior civil servants and close aides to former President Jammeh.

And speculation regarding the names on the list is rife, with suggestions that the former president, who now lives in exile in Equatorial Guinea, is among the most wanted fugitives.

It’s also being suggested that the following people could be on the list:

Lieutenant General Saul Badjie– a former close aide to Jammeh.

Ousman Badjie– former Interior Minister, who is currently under probe in Switzerland where he tried to seek asylum.

Zenab Jammeh– former First Lady, who is accused of dipping her hands into national coffers during her husband’s presidency.

Brigadier General Bora Colley– a former close aide to the former president.

Sanna Jarju– former chief of protocol, who now lives in the USA.

Major Sanna Manjang– a soldier who is accused of committing horrific crimes.

Captain Modou Jarju– a soldier who is also accused of committing horrific crimes.

Former Captain Ebou Jallow– a former member of the military council. He is allegedly wanted to explain how they spent the $35m loan granted by Taiwan to The Gambia.

Captain Saihou Jallow– a former close aide to the former president.