All you need to know about Bai Babu’s girlfriend

All you need to know about Bai Babu’s girlfriend

She was a huge fan of Bai Babu before they started dating.

Lucy Taylor is undoubtedly one of rap-mbalax’s hottest girlfriends, turning heads wherever she goes with her sultry looks and enviable light skin tone.

The former SOS Hermann Gmeiner student has been dating Bai Babu for more than six years and they have a son together named after the Fahass hit makers elder brother in the USA.

Beautiful Lucy is 22 years old and lives in Bakoteh.

“She is always at Bai Babu’s place. They are very close and I wouldn’t be surprised if they get married,” a source revealed.

Queen of rap mabalax

Well, we are calling her that because her boyfriend is the country’s numero uno rap mbalax, with more than 1.8million views on his Fahass music video which was upload on YouTube in January 2016.

Lucy is still a member of Bai Babu’s fan club. She attends almost all his events in the country



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