Why did Assan Faal’s side-chick throw him under the bus?

Why did Assan Faal’s side-chick throw him under the bus?

He is one of smartest American-educated senior civil servants in the New Gambia, but it seems President Adama Barrow no longer needs his expertise.

Assan Faal was recently sacked after his side-chick leaked an audio of a phone conversation they had in which the Chief Executive Officer of the Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (GIEPA)  disclosed the Gambian leader invited a “bogus company” to manage the country’s energy sector.  

According to him, he fell out with Barrow for refusing to add his signature on the deal that the Office of the President desperately wanted to seal.

Assan revealed that the president’s bogus company was requesting for an amount of money that could drain the national coffers.

“I am the first person that went against that company. I went against the president and I stood and went against him in front of everybody. And I told him this is a bad deal. If you do this deal, it will destroy your legacy as the president of this nation. It’s a political risk,” he told his side-chick.

The leaked recording, which is currently making the rounds on social media, generated a lot of reactions from the Gambian online community.

Former newspaper editor, Nanama Keita wrote on Facebook: “who’s that Assan Faal who appeared to be begging his lover in the U.S. to allow him more airtime to spill more state secrets? The man made some good points on the ‘obsolete generator’ issue, but he should still be grateful that Jammeh is miles away, for he was going to be a permanent guest at the mile2 prison in the wake of that leaked recording.

Why did Assan’s side-chick leak their phone conversation and who forwarded it to the president?

There are claims that State House insiders might have a hand in it. Some of them were not happy with the former GIEPA boss for blocking investments, which could earn them millions of Dalasi in bribes and kickbacks.

Listen to the leaked audio below:


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