Footballer Lamin Jallow buys D1m car

Footballer Lamin Jallow buys D1m car

While most of his relatives and neighbours are struggling to make ends meet, Italy-based Gambian footballer Lamin Jallow has bought himself a BMW X6.

He reportedly bought the luxury car, which is worth more than D1m, from a US-based Gambian company, Boss Luxury Auto Sales.

They wrote on their Facebook page: “Customer appreciation from Boss Luxury Auto Sales Lamin Jallow international soccer star for the purchase of the BMW X6. Much love!! Many more blessings on your career.”

Lamin Jallow, fondly known as Beck, is unarguably one of The Gambia’s most talked about international footballers. He’s married to former radio presenter, Suebreeze Colley and they live together in Italy.



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