Meet President Barrow’s most outspoken female critics

Meet President Barrow’s most outspoken female critics

As President Adama Barrow’s dubious politics continues to outrage many Gambians, these three Diaspora women are using social media to speak up against the Gambian leader and his policies.

Fatim Payne

She lives in the UK. Fatim has never been shy about voicing her opinion on national issues and that applies to her feeling on President Adama Barrow and his government. She was among the first to condemn the Gambian leader’s decision to send his son to a private university in the United States.

Ida Buzz

According to her Facebook profile, she lives in Dubai and has more than 4500 followers.  Ida is an outspoken critic of the president both online and offline. She is currently in The Gambia to support Lizzie Eunson mayoral election campaign.

Ya Ida Jallow

She always has a lot to say in opposition to the new government and their policies. Since Barrow came to power, Ya Ida has never stopped holding him accountable – constantly sharing information to help others stay active and informed.



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