10 reasons why you should vote for Bakary Badjie

10 reasons why you should vote for Bakary Badjie

Here are 10 reasons why you should vote for Bakary Badjie for KMC mayor.

1.  He will put in place a sound and innovative tax collection scheme favourable to municipal dwellers and our economy.

2. He cares about the environment and will address our waste management and health needs.

3.  He will promote a corrupt-free council, curb leakages in tax collection and maintain a prudent financial system.

4.  He will improve local public services and expand access to basic social amenities.

5. He will build and improve structures such as markets and feeder roads to ease transportation.

6.  He will reduce the number of children and persons with disability on the streets by initiating sustainable programs.

7. He will sustain tourism, horticulture, and agricultural engagements of residents of KM.

8. He will promote sports and recreation by building and improving needed facilities across the municipality and ensures culture and creative art is supported.

9. He will promote and enhance education and vocational training, especially for differently abled persons.

10. He cares about the people, mentored our youths, headed community and NGOs projects, served in KMC and can now surely Work for the KM We Want.



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