Saul Sowe signs Nyancho, Mad Snake, Dave Ndow to Joluv Arts

Saul Sowe signs Nyancho, Mad Snake, Dave Ndow to Joluv Arts

In continuation of his strategy to uplift talents, Saul Sowe has signed a group of Gambian musicians to his record label, Joluv Arts.

They include Nyancho, who is already an established artist with a huge fan base. He has performed at different events in different parts of the country. Despite his popularity, the Bakau-born singer has not yet released an album.

Saul told What’s On-Gambia: “When he approached us to help take him take his music to another level, we agreed. We have already started working on his debut album and it would be launched as soon as we are done.”

He added: “Joluv Arts is preparing him to break into the international scene as well. We signed Nyanco for three years and hopefully before the end of the contract he would be the face of Gambian music.”

The other musicians are:

Madsnake:He has been an underground rapper for many years. He released his first single in 2015.  Joluv Arts sponsored his debut music video, Ndongo Banjul.

Dave Ndow:  He was in the group, Flamez but left not very long ago to launch a solo career.  He is hoping to become Banjul’s numero uno musician.

Elite Movementand City Stars: Both groups are based in Banjul and have members who once attempted to enter Europe through the “backway”.



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