Back way boy becomes American football star in Germany

Back way boy becomes American football star in Germany

Foday Camara is a 22-year-old Gambian refugee (backway boy) who plays American football in the German city of Heilbronn. He is the only black player in his team.

The Dippa Kunda-born arrived in Germany in 2015 after more than three years in Spain, where he was eking out a living in the streets of Madrid.

“I came through the back way, entered Spain from Morocco. I decided to move to Germany because it has better opportunities for refugees and migrants,” said Foday.

Asked how he got into American football, he disclosed: “A German friend of mine got me into it. I am in love with the game and spend most of my time training.”

Now, Foday plays for Heilbronn Miners. He hopes to become an internationally recognized star.

In Europe, American football has a 35-year history and Germany has more than 45,000 registered players. Newspaper reports revealed that the game is becoming more and more popular among Germans.



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