Who will be in Barrow’s political party?

Who will be in Barrow’s political party?

President Adama Barrow is moving to form his own political party to assert his authority and prepare for the next presidential election, according to reports reaching What’s On-Gambia.

Sources said some close to the president have advised him to establish a party with a good mix of politicians, keeping an eye on gender balance, tribe and social background.

Here are the people whose names are floating for Barrow’s party:

Musa Susso

He is a former APRC National Assembly member, who was once jailed for drug possession. Musa is now one of Barrow’s closest friends. He is also very close to the president’s wives, Fatoumatta and Sarjoe.

Alkali Conteh

He was living in the USA with his family. Alkali moved back to The Gambia after he was offered a job by the president. Sources revealed he is very influential in State House.

Papa Njie

He is a budding politician, who recently took part in the KMC mayoral election that was won by Talib Bensounda. Papa is very popular among the Gambian Serahule community.

Seedy Njie

He is right now the spokesman for the APRC party. But in a recent interview with journalists, he revealed he has a soft spot for President Barrow. Rumours are swirling that the pair recently had a ‘very secret’ meeting.

Amie Bojang Sissohore

She is the press secretary at State House. Amie Bojang Sissohore, who is from a very popular Gunjur family, is said to be one of Barrow’s trusted aides.

Lang Tombong Tamba

He’s a former Chief of Defence Staff under Jammeh. With Lang Tombong, Barrow might be able to gather some support in Foni.

Musa Drammeh

He is Barrow’s special adviser on investment. Although very little is known about Drammeh, sources revealed he is popular in the Upper River Region.

Fatou Ceesay

She is a businesswoman. Fatou was part of Barrow’s campaign team last year and shortly after the president was sworn in, she was appointed an ambassador at large.

Yusupha Cham

He is a member of the UDP. From Sukuta, Yusupha is also a special adviser to the president.


He is a comedian and a former supporter of the APRC. Dahaba is said to be close to Barrow's family.



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