OPINION: Ebrima Sankareh lied about Jammeh’s leaked audios

OPINION: Ebrima Sankareh lied about Jammeh’s leaked audios

The former Raleigh taxi driver, Ebrima Sankareh was hired as the government spokesman in early June 2018. Many activists could not fathom the creation of such post when the President has his own spokesperson Amie Bojang and a de facto government spokesman, the Information Minister.

They argued that it’s a duplication of duties and waste of taxpayers’ money. After sleeping on the job for about a month, Mr Sankareh felt the need to justify his pay cheque and ex-President Jammeh’s leaked private conversations with his party executive availed him the unfortunate opportunity.   

Mr Sankareh pulled no punches in his press statement which in all honesty was unnecessary. It was more like an editorial of a dissident tabloid press than a government statement. He basically transcribed the entire conversation and injects his personal feelings. His obsession with literature was reflected as was his immaturity and ill-temper.

He lied that Jammeh was subversive. We all listened to the audio(s) and there was nothing subversive from what we heard. If anything, Jammeh was trying to solve a problem between the two feuding camps in his party. And, he was well guarded throughout giving nothing away. Jammeh knows Gambians to his fingers. 

There is a difference between journalism and public relation (PR). It is obvious that Mr Sankareh is struggling with the transition from a journalist to a public relation officer. In the short-term, he needs two things:

1. To employ a PR guru to help him with the transition.

2. To enrol in a remedial course on diplomacy.

A former US Ambassador once told Fatou Camara in an interview that diplomacy is a language on its own just like English, Spanish, Italian. She said governments should always speak the diplomatic language. So, Sankareh take note in your future statements. 

Testimonies from Mr Spokesman adopted hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina are not good at all. It depicts an increasingly isolated work-shy, morbidly obese lazy man. A Billy no mates guy who allegedly couldn’t stay long in any job.

Speaking about his immaturity, a few years ago, he authored an article tackling his critics who he said alleged that he is not working, his wife is older than him and is taking care of the household financially. When I read that article, I knew that this guy is a thin-skinned man who cannot ignore the slightest criticism or gossip. 

Finally, Mr Sankareh does not have the right temperament to speak on behalf of the government. Although his written English is excellent, his spoken English is terrible.

Saul Sarr

A keen follower of Gambian politics



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