Frustrated SSHFC staff go spiritual and place “juju” in MD’s office

Frustrated SSHFC staff go spiritual and place “juju” in MD’s office

The frustrated staff of the Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC) have gone spiritual against their managing director.

Rumors going round revealed that a juju was dropped in Muhammed Manjang’s office by some members of the SSHFC staff organisation because of his refusal to step down.

According to Canada-based political activist, Ahmed Gitteh, who is becoming famous for defending Manjang, thejuju was placed on the managing director’s chair in his office while he was away.

He wrote on Facebook: “Keep up your superstitious acts. We are more determined today than ever before to weed out all of you corrupt idiots from that institution. We are with you to the end!”

Members of the SSHFC staff organisation under the leadership of  Momodou Camara recently gathered in front of the State House demanding the resignation of Manjang, who was appointed by President Barrow.

Camara and his colleagues are not happy with their new managing director’s reforming zeal. Manjang vowed to overhaul SSHFC and scrap all the ridiculous and unnecessary staff benefits.



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