Ghanaians claim Princess Shyngle’s tiny waist and shapely backside is fake

Ghanaians claim Princess Shyngle’s tiny waist and shapely backside is fake

She is the Ghana-based Gambian Nollywood star who is becoming internationally recognised for her insanely tiny waist and shapely backside.

Princess Shyngle recently took to Facebook to share a photo that showcases her ample assets. Of course, her followers were quick to react.

More than 12,000 of them liked the photo with comments like: “Nice shape, perfect structure” and “Princess Shyngle, I like you and everything about you.”

But some Ghanaians were left speculating about how natural her waist and shapely backside was.

One Kambasi Fedelis Skylord wrote. “If you see her in real life, you will realize that this is 100% fake. Her waist is actually slim but not to this extent.”

Mhaybhel Mhatekho said to Princess: “Too much of everything is bad my dear, at least appreciate what God gave you.”

Another Ghanaian, Fred Baffoe advised the actress: “Please, get your natural waist back.”

“Did you remove your ribs?” asked Cindy Dyasi.

In the photo, Princess, who attended Ndow’s Comprehensive, can be seen standing in a shopping mall in a skin-tight outfit, showing her shapely curves.

Appearing to defend the Nollywood star, Facebook user, Lordnill Diantey Okyere said:  “If you think she doesn't have an intestine, that’s ok. If you think she can't give birth or will have birth complications that’s also ok!  If you think she went through surgery for this, that's also ok!

“Yo entitled to yo opinion but at least argue with yo ancestors and leave her alone just respect one's decision. Some attitude pisses me off to the brim!”



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