Susan Njie happily flaunts her enviable backside

Susan Njie happily flaunts her enviable backside

She has one of the best Gambian butts created by the Almighty God.

Susan Njie, also known as Amy Minaj, recently took to Facebook to share a photo showing off her behind as she enjoyed a day soaking up the Italian sun.

Some of her followers were quick to comment, with one telling her: “So sexy and lovely.”

Another wrote: “Too sexy!”

Amy Minaj is undoubtedly becoming the most talked about Gambian girl in Italy. She’s never afraid to showcase her sexy bum in thong bikinis.

During the political impasse in 2016, Amy Minaj was one of the few young women in the Diaspora that used social media to pile pressure on former President Yahya Jammeh to step down after losing the Presidential election.



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