European philanthropist tells EU to investigate Barrow’s excessive spending

European philanthropist tells EU to investigate Barrow’s excessive spending

A European philanthropist, who runs a charity in The Gambia, has filed a complaint in Brussels against President Adama Barrow, alleging that European Union taxpayers’ money is being mismanaged.

He told What’s On-Gambia: “The European Union gave millions of Euros to the new government to transform the country, but they are not doing that. The money is now used to finance their foreign trips at the expense of ordinary Gambians.”

The philanthropist, who preferred anonymity because he's well known in the State House, continued: “I filed a complaint against Barrow and his administration and last week I received a call from Brussels.  I explained to them the situation in The Gambia and they were shocked.

“Now, I finally have the attention of the EU. I have started gathering additional information for them to launch an investigation into Barrow's financial activities.”

The philanthropist disclosed that his charity, which is registered in The Gambia, is currently sponsoring over 100 school children from poor family backgrounds.

“I visit The Gambia three to four times in the year and it breaks my heart to see people struggling, worse than when Jammeh was the leader,” he said.

President Barrow and his administration are currently facing criticism for spending more than D300m on foreign trips between January –July 2018 as the country continues to grapple with poverty.



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