Femi Mahoney suggests Dr Ismaila Ceesay would make a good president

Femi Mahoney suggests Dr Ismaila Ceesay would make a good president

One of The Gambia's most outspoken political activists on social media, Femi Mahoney has praised Dr Ismaila Ceesay, suggesting he would make an excellent president after Barrow.

In a recent Facebook post that generated more than 80 likes, Femi wrote: “Dr Ismaila Ceesay should be the Independent Leader for PDOIS, GDC, APRC, PPP and any like-minded stakeholder.”

Sai Touray in England commented: “I will vote him in any day! Now I need a towel to wipe my sad tears. Dr Ceesay step in please.”

However, former President Jammeh’s aide-de-camp, Lamin Gano, who supports the Gambian Democratic Congress (GDC), wrote: “Sir Femi Mahoney, the 50+1 clause will be restored in the constitution. Therefore, Doctor Ceasay will have to hit the campaign trail first. If he pulls the biggest following, then the others will follow him. However, no one can beat Kandeh in pulling crowds. NO ONE!!! So his best chance is to join the GDC now.”

Ya Ida Jallow in England also said: “Interesting.... But we need experienced leaders with good programmes if we're to avoid what's happening right now. Take Senegal for example, all aspiring candidates are out there selling their programmes to the people. I think is about time we demand that from our would-be leaders.”

Prominent event organiser, Aziz Wilan wasn’t impressed with Femi’s post.  He asked the political activist: "Joking?"

Dr Ismaila Ceesay is a PhD holder, who was born in Brikama, but spent part of his childhood in Sierra Leone. He was once arrested and briefly detained for questioning the President’s ability to maintain national security.




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