Senegambia sugar babies at each other's throats

Senegambia sugar babies at each other's throats

There is chaos in Senegambia.

Some of the country’s famous sugar babies are currently at each other’s throats, accusing one another of sleeping with elderly married men.

In audio recordings that are making the rounds on social media, one Binta Sanyang was accused of sleeping with a popular hotelier (name withheld) for D2000.

“Stop sleeping with people’s fathers, uncles and grandfathers,” one of the sugar babies, Aji Awa told Binta.

She went further to accuse her of stealing from men during bathroom breaks.

Binta hit back: “You are a hypocrite. I know you very well. Everyone knows that you sell your body for money. You have nothing to say against me.”

It’s not yet clear why the Senegambia sugar babies are each other’s throat, revealing some of their secrets that could make their families disown them.

Their audio recordings are still circulating online.




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