Dutch philanthropist appeals to Barrow NOT to betray Gambians

Dutch philanthropist appeals to Barrow NOT to betray Gambians

A Dutch philanthropist has appealed to President Adama Barrow NOT to betray the trust the people of The Gambia reposed in him.

In an interview with What’s On-Gambia, Esther, who is currently sponsoring two Gambian families, said the country needs responsible leadership to make life easier for citizens.

“I heard there are Gambians who go to bed hungry. Young people want to take the back way to Europe. The salaries are still poor. The prices are going up. Why should the president spend money on building mosques? He should prioritise education so that The Gambia can grow,” she said.

According to Esther, she started visiting the Gambia in 2014 with her husband and their daughter and they love the country.

“I sponsor two families and regularly send boxes filled with items to help people.”

When asked whether President Barrow should step down and allow someone else to steer the country to better heights, the Dutch philanthropist responded: “He doesn’t need to step down if he can introduce plans that could bring changes in The Gambia.”

Esther is planning to visit The Gambia before the end of the year and she wants to meet the Gambian leader during her stay.



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