Sinchu Baliya garbage puts school children’s health at risk

Sinchu Baliya garbage puts school children’s health at risk

Children at the Sinchu Baliya Lower Basic School are faced with major health concerns as the dump site located near the school escalates out of control.

They complained that the stench that emanates from the dumpsite does not only prevent them from enjoying their recreational activities but also hinders their regular classes.

One of the children was reportedly vomiting severely during an assembly session which was later related to the funk emanating from the dumpsite.

Mr Mawdo Barry, a teacher at the school, also raised his disapproval of the dumpsite stating that it is very difficult to conduct Physical Education (P.E) activities at the school playground because of the stench.

Lack of proper disposal of waste is a major issue in most parts of the West Coast Region and it is still on the increase due to population growth and lack of proper waste management.



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