Here are more details on the purported WhatsApp chat between Aisha and Bai Mass

Here are more details on the purported WhatsApp chat between Aisha and Bai Mass

The Commission of Inquiry into Jammeh's assets and financial activities, famously known as the Janneh Commission, is engulfed in another controversy.

Screenshots of a purported WhatsApp chat between commissioner Bai Mass Saine and witness Aisha fatty has been doing the rounds on social media platforms.

The chat was on personal life and the activities at the Commission, where Aisha appeared yesterday to shed light on a house that was allegedly gifted to her by General Saul Badjie.

In one of the chat, Bai told the former State House protocol officer: “You will be ok. After all this can we can sit and at least discuss.”

He later wrote: “Since the first day I came to your house with your sister, I never stopped thinking about you.”

Some Gambians dismissed the WhatsApp chat and termed it as ‘fake news’ saying it is an orchestration to discredit Bai Mass and the Janneh Commission.

While the Janneh Commission continues to ignore the allegations that  Bai Mass tried to ask Aisha out on a date, a source close to the former protocol officer told What’s On-Gambia: “There is nothing about the WhatsApp chat that is fake. Let Bai Mass come out and deny it!”

A lawyer, who keenly follows the Commission said: “It could be true that something happened between Bai and Aisha because he was so quiet during Aisha’s appearance before the Commission. He did not ask the lady a single question.”

Aisha Fatty, who is now a budding businesswoman, worked as a protocol officer at the Office of the President for more than two years. According to her, she was sacked by the former president in 2015.



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