Gambians thank Mufti Menk for blessing the stadium

Gambians thank Mufti Menk for blessing the stadium

After The Gambia’s 3-1 win over Benin in the AFCON qualifier on Saturday, many took to social media to thank Mufti Menk for blessing the Independence Stadium in Bakau.

The Zimbabwean-born Islamic scholar was recently in the country and held a public lecture at the stadium.

One Malang Bojang of Yundum wrote: “Special thanks to the Organizers of the Mufti Menk Public Lecture at the Independence Stadium. Thank you for sanitizing our country’s only serious Football playing ground. We need more of such gatherings at the Stadium from all Faiths.”

Another Gambian football supporter, Ali Hydara also commented: “Seems the Independence Stadium is blessed by Mufti Menk. No more concerts at the stadium so the Scorpions can continue winning.”

Bakau’s youngest politician, Kemo Bojang wrote: “If we have another dawah program, we are doing it at the stadium …..we need to win more games and we have found the answer."

It was The Gambia’s first win at home in five years.



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