All of a sudden, Almami Taal is a Badibunka

All of a sudden, Almami Taal is a Badibunka

Almami Fanding Taal, who had always claimed to be a Ndongo Banjul, is now associating himself with Baddibu.

During a recent interview with Pa Modou Bojang of Home Digital FM in Brikama, the spokesman of the United Democratic Party (UDP) said both of his parents are from Baddibu Gunjur.

Is Almami trying to resonate with UDP grassroots supporters?

A taxi driver in Wulikama, who claimed to be from Baddibu Gunjur, told What’s On-Gambia: “I am surprised to hear that he’s from my village. I have never seen him in Baddibu Gunjur. I don’t think he has ever visited the village.”

However, he added: “But there is a Taal Kunda in Baddibu Gunjur and he might be from that family.  If my memory serves me right, the head of that family was one Alhagie Saja Taal.”

Almami was a high court judge before moving to the University of The Gambia to work as a lecturer and chairman of the Legal Research Committee, Faculty of Law.

Shortly after joining the UDP, the Ndongo Banjul-turned-Badibunka bagged a lucrative job as Head of Legal and Compliance at the OIC Gambia Secretariat.



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