All set for ST’s Saluto album launching

All set for ST’s Saluto album launching

Award-winning rapper, ST will on Saturday launch his much-anticipated album, Saluto at the Independence Stadium in Bakau.

One of the coordinators of the event told What’s On-Gambia that all is set for the launch, and promised fans “fireworks”.

“Everything is well in place. We are generally happy with the preparations and ticket sales so far,” he said.

Some prominent Gambian musicians have already confirmed their attendance at the show and urged their fans to attend in their large numbers.

In a Facebook post, rapper Gee said he will be at the stadium to support ST.

“ST, my generation's finest, stayed consistent with tracks, visuals, shows, always giving the fans what's expected of him and on stage a beast. Saluto brother ... let's continue winning...”

He added: “We coming out in numbers insha Allah . DECEMBER 1st. And thanks again for having me on the Album.”

The Saluto album launching is expected to attract thousands of Gambian music enthusiasts.



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