UTG’s Michael Jalloh wins best exhibition project at ITCA

UTG’s Michael Jalloh wins best exhibition project at ITCA

Michael Jalloh, a first-year student at the University of The Gambia, won the best exhibition project at the Information Technology and Communication Association (ITCA) day held recently at the Auditorium, Law Faculty.

Michael made a PyCube - a modular IOT (internet of things) and robotic base project controller it provides User Interface (UI) components and control system. New modules can easily add modules like a smart house controller or a drone controller.

“I showcase this project so that others can use it and develop it further,” Michael asserted.

Michael said the PyCube is a graphics user interface (GUI) framework that provides information to UI components that can easily be used to display information from an IOT device or robot.

“This award will be a source of motivation for me to make more efforts in the work that I do,” he said.



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