Sleepy Barrow: President dozes off during bridge inauguration

Sleepy Barrow: President dozes off during bridge inauguration

President Adama Barrow struggled to stay awake during the inauguration ceremony of the Trans-Gambia Bridge on Monday, according to journalist Fatou Camara.

She wrote on Facebook: “I saw President Barrow dozed off at some point, yes he is human, must have gotten up too early to prepare for the even,t but I am advising that he takes two cans of Red Bull or Blu energy drink before coming to long events next time.”

The controversial journalist continued: “I am told he does not take coffee, reason why I am recommending some energy drinks. Now I understand why Jammeh used to take loads of kola nuts during events.”

One of Fatou’s followers in the United Kingdom, Kawsu Koringbaa Sanyang commented: “Barrow too should start chewing bitter cola instead of Red Bull.”

Interestingly, President Barrow was seated right in the front row with his Senegalese counterpart, Macky Sall.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Gambian leader emphasized the importance of the bridge for the socio-economic development of not only The Gambia, but also the whole sub-region.

He thanked President Sall and his government for their support throughout the project.



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